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These Jonathan Toews-led skates the Hawks have been going through and you’ve been reading about aren’t the result of reporters merely looking for a good angle during a dire time for hockey.

It’s all him.

Toews booked the ice and secured the locker room at Johnny’s. He presented a place to the media to do interviews and he even acted as a PR guy, taking requests and sending out players from their cramped quarters.

On the ice, Toews has started both practices I’ve attended at the dry-erase board, diagramming drills as others take knees around him. It’s unique to see a player so young take control of such a tough (or weird, as he has called it often) situation for every player.

“I try to look back in the old memory and try to figure out some good drills for everybody to keep our legs,” Toews said. “We’re only on the ice every so often. We’ve all trained hard all summer, so there’s not much for me to do now at this point. It’s like you do during the season — just maintain.”


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Sometimes I just desperately want the (Gen Kill-ish) AU where Tazer is an American citizen and finished college and went through OCS and is a 2nd LT, because god *fucking* damn, his leadership. 

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Damn straight. Ugh, and it’s not just his leadership on the ice that gets me—this is also him taking the lead on the NHLPA’s PR fight. Let’s be real here: this is a dude who knows his job—both his jobs—and has found a way to pursue both of them to the best of his ability. Hot motherfucking damn, son.

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